To synchronise email marketing and social media content in a way that they effectively complement and strengthen each other, is an important task in the online dialogue. Putting the communicated messages into a hierarchy, leading the user from one communication tool to another – social media integration requires precise planning. However, the specific measures do not always need to be complex. We present to you five measures for content integration of email marketing and social media, which can be applied in a simple and uncomplicated way.
On the operative level, there is a large number of measures available to integrate email marketing and social media content. However, it doesn’t always need to be a complex campaign, where the user is lead to the goal via successional messages through several platforms. There are also measures, which are less complicated to implement, but equally efficient. We introduce you to five such measures.

1. Link Newsletter Highlights in Social Media

Link newsletters in your social media profiles. However, as an email cannot be linked, the corresponding newsletters must be available as an online version. You should pay attention that there are no large overlaps between the newsletter and social media content. It makes no sense to link a newsletter to social media if the content has already been communicated via social media. Only post individual highlights. If a user can receive every newsletter edition via social media, there is no reason for him to subscribe to the newsletter, as well. Linking newsletter highlights is only recommended for companies with a high send frequency. If you produce a newsletter only quarterly, there won’t be any real selection of highlights.

2. Initiate Questions and Discussions

Social media is perfectly suited to initiate discussions about your company or your brands or products. The initiating of a discussion does not need to start on the social network itself. Use your newsletter as well. Ask your recipients for feedback on the newsletter content on your social media profile. It may also be sensible to link the contents you wish to talk about on the corresponding social media profile. In this way, users will have a contact point for comments, replies, etc. You can also ask your recipients specific questions, which they can answer in social media – and possibly incentivise to do this.

3. Pick discussions in emails

What works from email to social media, also works vice versa. If you find interesting discussions about your company in social media, you can pick them up in email marketing. Sum up discussion outcomes or replies to queries and present them in your newsletter – preferably with the note that recipients are welcome to take part in the discussion. In principle, you can also publish individual postings including the user name in the newsletter, but you will need the consent from the corresponding user.

4. Exclusive Offers for newsletter subscribers

Tempt your social media contacts with exclusive offers, if they register for your newsletter. Use teaser offers on your social media profiles. Alternatively, you can also include individual, attractive complete offers in your social media in order to make readers crave for more. Integrate the opt-in form for the newsletter, if possible, directly in the social media profile, in order to make it as easy as possible for your contacts.

5. Integrate Social Platforms in facebook

Social media may not only be integrated with email marketing content, but you can also synchronise individual social media platforms with each other. facebook allows you to embed content from other platforms as a category directly in your own facebook profile.

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