In sales, the continuous development of leads is an important goal. Usually the sales team only deals with a small selection of the supposed best leads and also does not use all touchpoints consistently for lead nurturing. (Like the website or social media…)
A marketing automation system helps you to generate leads at all touchpoints and to use them for targeted nurturing. An excellent possibility to obtain leads (in B2B and B2C) is content marketing, where exciting content is offered for a short registration.

An implementation example for lead nurturing after a download

As an example, the user registers for a whitepaper download on a website. After the user has given his name, email and opt-in, the system sends an email with the document download to him. The download click is a double opt-in. When users download the document, they receive a follow-up email in the following days where they get asked for feedback. Depending on the feedback of then user, the system can offer a phone call with a sales expert or the lead is transferred directly to the sales team. After 7 and 21 days, the system offers additional exciting downloads. If the user clicks on one of the documents, the process with follow-up and evaluation starts again.

Example Mailing: Lead Nurturing after Download

Example Mailing: Lead Nurturing after Download

Tips & Tricks

The complexity of creating such a marketing automation mailing process is middle. The minimum data required is the integration with the download form and the assessment metric for leads.
Tip: You can score the value of contacts via your own database, as well as via touchpoints or CRM information. If the information about the contact is not yet sufficient, it is also possible to use some of the follow-up automation for targeted enrichment of information.