Especially in transactional emails, the following applies: Personalization is king! But many marketers do not use the full potential of personalized transactional emails. Personalize your transactional emails with the same effort as your newsletters and other marketing emails.

Use all available data for personalization e.g.

  • CRM data: Customize content according to, for example, place of residence, (job) position, marital status, customer status, and other available data.
  • Context data: Do you know the location of the customer? The weather at the location? The end device in use? The current media usage? Then use this context data in real-time for personalization to increase the response.
  • Recommendations: Make further recommendations to the customer, e.g. based on their purchase history or matching their current purchase. Attention: Observe the admissibility of advertising communication!
  • Coupons: Give the customer coupons, individualized according to e.g. previous sales volume or loyalty status.
  • Loyalty data: Integrate the current score. Show the customer how many points they are still missing. Enable them to redeem their points directly or to earn new points.
At PAYBACK, customers can redeem their points immediately for personalized offers.