Survey abandonment rates, especially for complex surveys with multiple questions, can be very high. With surveys in interactive emails, you can reduce this behavior. By successively displaying the questions, you lower the barrier to participation. Increases in the number of participants of up to 80 percent have been proven.

Make survey emails more user-friendly by using interactive emails. Questions can be displayed one at a time in the email and answered via checkbox. Navigate between questions directly in the email. Sliders, image selection and multiple answers are also possible.

Responses are stored in the recipient record in ELAINE or an existing survey or analytics tool. Also use survey emails as triggers for automated follow-up communication.


Best Practice

Mayoris uses interactive emails for its own surveys as well as for demonstration purposes for customers. Response data is captured using the mailix-built survey widget in the mailix technology platform and passed via API to the survey/analytics technology used.

You can configure the survey independently with mailix and deploy the widget on ELAINE or any other dispatch system.


By integrating the survey into the email, mailix makes the link to a separate survey tool obsolete.