In digital marketing, the ability to continuously optimize strategies is critical to success. In email marketing in particular, fine-tuning content and strategies can have a significant impact on performance. A recent survey of marketers conducted by ELAINE provides interesting insights into the relevance of testing in email marketing. Here we take a closer look at the key findings.


Testing: a proven process

The survey confirms what many marketing professionals already know: Testing is a best practice in email marketing. But what this study highlights in particular is the fact that successful testing does not require extensive customer data or complex data analytics mechanisms. Even with simple A/B tests, companies can improve their KPIs. The message is clear: testing is always worthwhile.


From A/B tests to multivariate and AI-supported methods

The study also shows that testing can go beyond traditional A/B testing. Multivariate tests and AI-supported optimization methods can lead to significant increases in results – some even in the three-digit range. There are still many untapped opportunities for what can be tested. For example, many marketers neglect automated emails compared to traditional mailings and newsletters. Nevertheless, A/B testing is still widely used: 82% of respondents rely on this method.


Is testing underrated?

Surprisingly, according to the survey, only around half (47%) of the companies surveyed confirmed that testing is an important or the most important approach to optimizing email marketing. This suggests that the topic of testing is still underestimated. However, almost 40 percent of respondents already use testing regularly or frequently. Almost half are of the opinion that testing is the most important lever for optimizing email marketing and 64% state that they want to expand the topic of testing in the next two years.


Future developments in e-mail testing

A look into the future shows that the importance of testing in email marketing will continue to increase. 64% of respondents plan to further expand the topic of testing in their companies over the next two years. This indicates that companies are increasingly recognizing that testing is a crucial component of a successful email marketing strategy.


Testing as an integral part of email marketing

The results of this study highlight the crucial role that testing plays in email marketing. From simple A/B testing to complex multivariate testing and AI-powered optimization methods, there are numerous ways to improve performance. With the increasing importance of personalized and targeted marketing strategies, it is imperative that companies consider testing as an integral part of their email marketing strategy.

Checklist: 11 best practices for interactive emails


In our checklist “11 best practices for interactive emails”, we and our partner Mayoris present eleven best practices for interactive emails in email marketing.

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