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The power of testing in email marketing: findings from the ELAINE survey

In digital marketing, the ability to continuously optimize strategies is critical to success. In email marketing in particular, fine-tuning content and strategies can have a significant impact on performance. A recent survey of marketers conducted by ELAINE provides interesting insights into the relevance of testing in email marketing. Here we…


Classic meets mobile: Common advertising measures in mobile marketing channels

Classic or common advertising measures, such as discount promotions, can of course also be distributed in mobile marketing channels. SMS, push notification or mobile messages: these formats are just as suitable as newsletters as e-mails. In our article, we show you how you can cleverly use “classic” advertising measures in…


Surveys using mobile channels

Surveys can be conducted for various purposes: Satisfaction surveys (asking for referrals), market research, data collection to individualise your cross-channel communication, etc. In our article, we show you how you can effectively use mobile channels to conduct surveys. Mobile channels are suitable for surveys in various contexts. They work especially…